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5 Surprising Things You Didn't Know Your Phone Could Do

Your phone holds all the secrets of the universe
by Tanya Umali | Oct 7, 2016
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You might think you know your phone very well because of the number of times you use it in a day. But due to the number of updates your mobile device receives, you might not be aware of its secret capabilities. 

When our phones are updated, it receives a makeover that might take some getting used to. For example, the keyboard on your messaging app might include new features, the photo gallery might be rearranged, and many more. Most of the time, however, these updates include hidden features which help improve the quality of our phones. Then again, there are no manuals or tutorials to inform you what these new features are. 

Here are some of the things you bet your phone couldn't do. We sure were surprised when we tested them out too:

1) Scan documents without a scanner

This is pretty neat especially when there are no scanners nearby. If you want to send a PDF on the go, all you need are your phone's camera and Google Drive. Just go to the Google Drive app, tap on the + icon located on the bottom, select the camera button, and you'll instantly have a PDF file version of the image you just snapped. Send it to your boss and see how impressed he'll be with you. 

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2) Know where a plane is going

This isn't exactly as useful as the scanner but it is a hidden feature on your phone especially if you're using an iPhone. But if you ever find yourself staring up in the sky and you just happen to see an airplane hovering above you, just tell Siri “Planes overhead" and you'll be presented with a list of planes around your location.


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3) Unlock your phone automatically

If you're the lazy type and simple tasks such as unlocking your phone is a bit stressful for you, then it's time for you to know that your phone can automatically unlock when you get to a safe place such as your own home. Just go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Places and input the places where your phone can unlock without you having to input codes or patterns. Though you should check your phone first if it's updated to Marshmallow or higher as it won't work on earlier softwares. 

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4) Know the title of a song

Ever heard a song that's so catchy but you don't know the title? If you have Microsoft device, then you're in for a treat. Cortana, the Windows counterpart of Siri, can assist you with the title of the song that's playing. All you have to do is hold down the Search button and say “What’s playing right now?” and Cortana will show you the information. 

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5) Let your friends know where you are

These days aren't so safe anymore. Despite all the safety measures we do, there's no telling when something bad will occur. iPhone luckily let's you be tracked by your friends. Just launch Messages and tap on your current conversation. Select Details and Share My Location so that your friends can see where you are at the moment.

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