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This App Could Help End Your MRT Woes!

The possible answer to your railway rush hour blues
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 11, 2012
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Picture this: you're on your way to work and is about to go up the MRT station. You're thinking if the railway gods will smile upon your already hagard figure, you might just beat the clock and save your ass from yet another tardy time in. Except it almost never works out that way, and today is no different. You find yourself stuck once again with tons of other sweaty commuters waiting to box each other out for a tiny space in the next train, yung tipong parang lata ng sardinas sa sikip. Baduy!

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We go around this kind of scenario way too often, sometimes even resorting to what already seems so cliché: sleep early to wake up early. Too bad the comfy confines of our beds bring the Juan Tamad out of us, making us unable to heed our alarm clock's irritating calls, tempting us to say "5 minutes pa." Or, you could check out more techie ways, like this nifty Android app called MRTtrackr, its name already giving you an idea of what it does.

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Developed and being pushed by Ryan Escarez together with his partner in crime Michie Ang, MRTtrackr is an app that helps commuters with their MRT/LRT woes. It does the trick by doing these simple things:

  •     Finds the train station nearest to you
  •     Notifies you if you're already at your destination station
  •     Provides you with the needed train itinerary
  •     Gives you estimates of how crowded the trains are at different stations

Ain't that nifty? The last one in particular struck us blind with happiness, since we don't want to keep guessing how much balyahan we'll have to anticipate in the next station. Other than the aforementioned benefits, users can also share relevant info with each other in real-time using the app, giving it a social dimension.

The app is still in beta which means it's still a work in progress but as early as now we're already giving Escarez and Ang a high five. We have to remind you though, it won't guarantee you a comfy and on time MRT/LRT ride in the morning. Playing the early bird bit is still better, but MRTtrackr will definitely help you big time.

Want to take it for a spin? MRTtrackr is now available via Google Play for free! Click here.

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