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Anyone Want A 2Gbps Internet Connection?

We're dark green with envy
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 17, 2013
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While many of us Pinoys have been stuck with our slow, usad-pagong broadband service, the Japanese have just unveiled something truly extraordinary: Nuro, the world's fastest home Internet connection, able to reach freakishly insane speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

This has caused us to ask the all-important question: "Ansabeh ng 1Mbps plan mo?"

World's faster internet connection

We don't understand most of the words, but we're still liking it

Nuro is offered by So-Net Entertainment Corporation, a Japanese Internet service provider that's backed by gadget titan Sony. It makes use of optical fiber, which delivers the service to home and offices, and a device called the ONU (optical network unit) that transforms the network signal to broadband Internet, ready to be picked up by your routers, lappies, and desktop PC.

NEXT: Prepare to be impressed with its speed...and price!

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