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This Infrared Wi-Fi Tech Promises 100 Times Faster Internet

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by Andrei Medina | Mar 20, 2017
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New research on infrared has led to the discovery of a potential upcoming technology that can be used to significantly speed up the world’s Wi-Fi systems as we know it.

According to a study from the Eindhoven University of Technology, infrared rays can be harnessed through a cheap wireless network system that boosts Wi-Fi speeds.

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First, you’ll need to install some antennas on your ceiling that will redirect the infrared rays to an optical fiber connection inside your home.

Each ray is estimated to provide a blazing speed of 40 Gigabits per second.

Eindhoven University researcher Joanne Oh conducted live tests in the Netherlands where she got a maximum download speeds of 42.8 Gbit/s using infrared rays. In comparison, the average internet speed there is only around 17.6 Mbit/s.


Aside from the faster connection it brings, using infrared rays technically gives unlimited consumption for each of your device. There’s also no need to share the capacity since each of your gadgets will be assigned to one infrared ray.

This means that Internet congestion will be out of the picture even if you and all your neighbors are online at the same time.

The infrared technology is estimated to be commercially available by 2022 and is expected to be popular among high data consumers and business establishments that provide Internet.

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