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This Wonder Device Helps You Burn Calories While Washing Your Clothes

Why didn't we think of this before?
by neps | May 13, 2015
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Do you have a heaping pile of dirty laundry? Is your belly beginning to resemble that of a preggy lady's? Fret not, lads; we have just the contraption for you!

Introducing, the Bike Washing Machine:

bike washing machineImage via

As you can see, it's a stationary bike that can wash your clothes! Inside it is a washing machine drum for your dirty clothes that rotates when you pedal. It's a pretty straightforward concept, which begs the question: "Why didn't we think of this before?"

Here's another look:

bike washing machineImage via

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As a nice side effect, the Bike Washing Machine (or simply BWM) can help you with your #BalikAlindog program. The more clothes you put in, the harder it gets to pedal, resulting to more calories being burned. Noice!

Oh, before we forget, pedaling also produces the needed juice to power the mounted display and/or to charge you gizmos. Now that's a multitasking machine!

The bad news: The BWM is currently on the concept stage which means it may or may not become a reality. We're hoping for the latter but if it remains on the drawing board forever, at least we can be happy knowing that the Dad Bod trend is on.

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