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Nov 20, 2014
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The work week is about to end so we bet you're just itching for the weekend. Fortunately, we've come up with just the right remedy: this series of articles featuring beautiful women showing and doing things that can definitely perk you up!

We know it's almost impossible but, if that doesn't work, well, how about this one: a browser-based fluid simulator that will make you feel as if you're playing with a magical kind of liquid. Believe us; it's highly addictive!

Here's a nice video preview:

Video via Play's Zone

That's some psychedelic stuff right there!

It's called the WebGL Fluid Experiment and was created by George Corney, who, according to his Twitter page, is a geek who's into science stuff like physics and creative programming. His creation simulates the behavior of a fluid when force is applied to it, like a stroke of a finger for instance

The particles in the fluid change color depending on its velocity: The faster it is, the brighter blue it becomes. And all you need to test it out is your browser (Chrome is the recommended program), a stable Internet connection, and a mouse! You could also adjust fluid settings and set the quality of the visuals lower if your kakarag-karag computer can't keep up.

It actually reminds us of our morning cup of coffee:

fluid simulatorGIF via Edensprings.co.uk

fluid simulator

We bet you're all eggzoited to start using this mother, but before you do, remember this: As we've said, the WebGL Fluid Experiment is highly addictive so much so that it will totally murder your productivity if you get yourself too immersed in it! So, check your boss's whereabouts first before "playing"! That said, click here and get unproductive!