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Aug 11, 2014
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Smartwatches are the hi-tech versions of your humble relo. It can do much more than tell you if you're running late or if you still have time to procrastinate. So it's understandable why these techie timepieces are starting to take off. Have you seen the most recent releases? They're absolutely cool!

We do have one small beef with it though: to unlock your smartwatch's full potential, you have to combine it with your smartphone. Cue this barely-related but nostalgia-inducing GIF:

timex ironman one gps+GIF via Toonbarn.com

You see, several advertised features of smartwatches (e.g. voice call notifications, social media alerts) can only be used if you hook the device up with a handset wirelessly. Not that it's a huge deal-breaker (who doesn't come packin' with a phone nowadays, right?), but it's not our idea of perfect convenience either.

But as the tech saying goes, it's just a matter of time (okay, we only made that up, but you get the drift). Enter Timex and their all-new smartwatch, the Ironman One GPS+!

Video via TimexUSA on YouTube

Looking like the sporty jock of the smartwatch crowd, the Ironman One GPS+ has the standard goodies its bros have: a full touchscreen display, internal storage (4GB), apps, and Bluetooth. But it has something other smartwatches lack: 3G connectivity.

As a result, it can receive data wirelessly without the need for another device. This enables it to function as an independent communications tool, letting you send text messages, and use apps and location features without feeding off your phone. Hayup!

timex ironman one gps+

The Ironman One GPS+ is also a device made for sports and outdoor junkies. It comes with GPS tracking, real-time speed and distance measurement, and the Find Me Mode safety feature that lets the user send an SOS alert with location details if ever sh*t happens. It's also water-resistant so rest assured your smelly pawis or rain won't be a problem for it.

The bad news: There's still no official announcement whether it'll be made available here (and how much it could be). Forgive us if we were a tad too excited in bringing you the news; we were just so impressed by its independent nature. But if you really want to have an idea of how much you'll spend for this stand-alone smartwatch, it will be available in America for $399.95. Stashing at least P18,000 now is a good move if you want one!