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Tinder's Smart Photos Could Help You Bag More Matches

They'll help you figure out which version of your mug works best
by Tanya Umali | Oct 17, 2016
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The days of having a few to no matches on Tinder are (almost) over, thanks to a new feature called Smart Photos. 

On October 13, the dating app announced the release of their newest feature, which uses an algorithm to find your match. Smart Photos analyzes which profile pic has gotten the most swipes to the right, and then rearranges your photos so that the nmost popular one is the first that potential matches will see. 

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Let's say that semi-douchey photo of you in Boracay last summer landed you a ton of matches, then that photo is the one that's going to turn up when girls stumble upon your profile each time they are about to swipe. 


It's proven to work, because the algorith change saw a 12-percent increase in matches while it was being tested. That's a big number.  

“Smart Photos takes into account each individual’s swiping pattern when selecting which photos they’ll see first,” says a statement oon Tinder’s official blog.

“It’s a system that gets smarter with more input: the more you swipe and the more you’re swiped on, the better the algorithm serves you.”

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It's basically a similar algorithm to the algorith used in Google or Facebook. If you are fond of looking at the latest tech gadgets, Google or Facebook takes note of your interests and will show you ads or links to websites with the same items you've searched for. 

So, if you're ready for the matches to flood your Tinder profile, just go to the app and turn on the Smart Photos feature in the 'Edit Profile' tab. Now, all you have to do is wait. 

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