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Rain, Rain Go Away: 8 Geek Tips To Help You Survive The Storm

When Mother Nature throws a bitch fit, you'll need all the help you can get
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 19, 2013
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Once again, Mother Nature decided to literally rain on our parade, dumping loads of floodwaters on our dear city's streets, no thanks to the deadly tag-team of typhoon Maring and the monsoon. Despite the cheers of "walang pasok!" from the students (sigh, one of the things we miss about school), it's definitely not pretty out there.

The bad news: Aside from the walang humpay na ulan at baha, we've realized yet again that we, as a society, are still far from being fully prepared for this kind of things (flashback to that not-so-little bagyo from almost four years ago). The good news: We, as individuals, can be ready. With the help of the following tips, you can now rest easy knowing that tech is on our side and can help us survive when the elements decide to brew a shitstorm upon us.

Scroll down and check 'em out. Be safe, FHM nation!

1. Conserve your smartphone's battery

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rainy day techie survival tipsSomething you don't wanna see during a blackout

Ah, the smartphone, our quintessential digital companion. While it's becoming more and more a sort of jack of all trades device, its most basic capabilities (e.g. sending SMS, making calls) are still what matter most when a calamity arrives. Too bad the battery life isn't infinite, which is why conserving/maximizing it is key.

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Luckily, there are many tricks that will help you do so, like dimming down the display and shutting down unneeded apps. We've come up with a list of nifty battery-saving tips that will help make your smartphone last even longerpotentially, your ticket for being saved when things go from bad to worse.

2. Buy splashproof/waterproof gadgets

rainy day techie survival the Sony Xperia Z!

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It's no secret: Gadgets are not BFFs with H20. Normally, that is. Which is why, with a weather that reminds us both of the movie Waterworld and doomsday scenarios (damn you, gray clouds!), it pays to have tech toys that are not afraid to get wet. Consider these prime specimens. Trust us when we say the waterproof tag isn't just for show.

3. Make a techie survival kitrainy day techie survival tips                                                                       One of the must-haves in your kit...

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If you really want to be a boy scout and be prepared for disasters, make a techie survival kit! Don't worry, you don't really need next-gen gadgets in it (e.g. battery-operated FM/AM radio, solar chargers). At its most basic, all you really need are stuff that can help you sane (meaning you're eating, drinking, and isn't trapped in the dark) and, if you have it, things that can keep you connected to the outside world. For the items you can include, click here.

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