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A Blow By Blow Recap Of TNC Pro Team's Loss To LFY

Will history repeat itself?
by Andrei Medina | Aug 9, 2017
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TNC Pro Team has lost against world third seed team LFY in the Dota 2 quarterfinals of the annual The International 2017 (TI7) tournament.

The Chinese team proved to be superior after they swept the Pinoy fan-favorites during the best of three series in their Upper Bracket C matchup.

For the first game, TNC picked Naga Siren, Jakiro, Sand King, Razor and Alchemist against LFY’s Night Stalker, Nature’s Prophet, Dazzle, Terrorblade and Puck.

Things were looking good for TNC after Raven drew first blood in a three-man gank at the bottom lane just under two minutes into the game. This was followed by another kill from TNC’s Kuku in an exciting one-on-one matchup at the river and a smart suicide denial after.


Another kill on the bottom lane gave TNC a 3-0 advantage four minutes into the game. But LFY got back and picked up their first and second kills in the middle lane after ganking Kuku a minute after.

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From there, LFY tied the game at 3 kills apiece and continued to dominate TNC. By the 17-minute mark, LFY already had a wide lead of 11-5.

TNC responded with a kill and went straight for Roshan to claim the Aegis as they aimed to turn around the match in their favor. But by the 37-minute mark, LFY cemented a 20-10 lead after a clash at TNC’s expense.

TNC tried hard to turn the tables during separate clashes at the 40 and 50-minute marks, where they seemed to have the upper hand but LFY’s Terrorblade was too much to handle after the Chinese team pushed the middle lane all the way which ended the game at 61:34.

In the second game, TNC made slight adjustments to their initial lineup after picking Batrider, Naga Siren, Oracle, Sand King and Broodmother. Meanwhile, LFY selected Faceless Void, Ancient Apparition, Kunkka, Nature’s Prophet and Bristleback.

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LFY was quick to act this time after they drew first blood at the 1:36-minute mark but TNC responded with a counter kill of their own that tied the game.

Things were pretty even as both teams went 5 kills apiece until TNC started to take the lead with 3 kills in separate ganks and clashes at the 12-minute mark.

LFY managed to come back and tie the game at 9-9 near the end of the 17-minute mark but a quick kill from the Chinese veterans shifted the balance as they began dominating the game with kill after kill.

The game ended at the 33:07 mark after TNC conceded to LFY following an epic clash as the latter came out victorious with a convincing score of 28-15.

This defeat places TNC in the Losers Bracket, where they will face a familiar foe in team OG. From here, they will have to go through the hard route and win against five teams before getting to the Grand Finals.

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The Filipino fan-favorite is already guaranteed a $358,508 (roughly P18 million) payday even if they lose to OG.

Earlier, Pinoy team Execration (XctN) became the first team to get knocked out from the tournament after they lost to team Secret. Despite this loss, team XctN is still going home with $119,435 (roughly P6 million).


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