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Awesomeness Overload: Tony Hawk Rides The World's First Hoverboard!

Fellow geeks, one of our sci-fi dreams is now a reality—and here's one of our childhood idols trying it out!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 20, 2014
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We were introduced to the awesomeness of the hoverboard in Back To The Future II. We've been fascinated ever since, wishing every now and then that it'd become a reality.

Then, earlier this year, we saw this:

Video via HuvrTech

HuvrTech's video reignited our fantasy of riding a hoverboard for real. Too bad it was later proven to be a hoax.

But just as we thought that we'll have to wait many more years and endure more hoaxes, the good, nay, geek-tastic news has arrived! Folks, the hoverboard is now a reality!

Don't believe us? Watch this:

Video via Hendo Hover

Thank God for the nerds over at Hendo Hover, the company behind the world's first hoverboard! Their creation, the Hendo Hoverboard, certainly looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. We actually get the Tron vibe from it!

hendo hoverboard

The best part? It damn works, bros!

According to Hendo Hover, their hoverboard uses a scientific principle called Lenz's Law, which discusses the creation and use of magnetic fields on certain surfaces. We're hearing blood gushing out of your facial orifices so here's the trick in simple terms: The device uses magnets to float, which means, with the right surface, it will hover about an inch off the ground and will even support a man's weight!

hendo hoverboardGIF via

The Hendo hoverboard is actually a Kickstarter project (it uses the power of social media to ask for financial assistance from interested parties to make it ready for production). As of yesterday, Hendo Hover has already raised $450,000 (around P20 million), way beyond the $250,000 (around P11.2 million) goal the company set. YAY!

We've also learned that, if everything goes into plan (cross your fingers and toes!), the Hendo hoverboard will go on sale on October 2015. If you want to help guarantee this, you could donate here.

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As if they still needed to, Hendo Hover did something to ramp up their hoverboard's hype points: They let legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk have a go with it! Watch the skate god take on the future of boards below!

We bet he's seen a shitload of skateboards in his life, but nothing like this bad boy.

hendo hoverboard

Tony's obviously having fun doing basic tricks on the hoverboard. Hey, when's our turn? 

hendo hoverboard

Be careful with that, bro! We don't want any delays on the project, you know.

hendo hoverboard

Time to slip and slide on a ramp! We really dig the neon blue light show underneath the hoverboard!

hendo hoverboard

The legend, now 46 years old, looks a bit like a noob here. It's okay though; all of us are hoverboard virgins after all.

hendo hoverboard

We're willing to get bruises, cuts, and even broken bones in exchange for some real-life hoverboard play time!

hendo hoverboard

Whoa! Spins! Tony Hawk at work, ladies and gents!

hendo hoverboard

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