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Too Much Cheese: Gizmos and Doodads For Your Special Someone

Not the usual gifts
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 16, 2012
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We only pretend that we don’t like getting cheesy.

Some guys might say, “Hey, I only did it because it’s Valentine’s, man. It’s like a yearly tax I have to pay for being in a relationship, man.” Well, man, you know that’s only half-true. Because the truth is, February 14 is a convenient excuse to be extra sweet and fuzzy without having to feel all girly inside.

Chances are you had a wonderful dinner a couple nights ago, and you went out of your way to get roses delivered on her office desk earlier that day. You told all your pals about it, proud and loud, and they all thought that was pretty cool.

So to everyone who showed some love last Valentine's, here’s a high-five from FHM!

Now we’d like to ask: when is it too much? The roses-and-chocolates routine—that’s classy. You can’t go wrong with that. But how about these things below? Cool gifts or not? Let’s decide!

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