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5 Insanely Useful Features Of Google's Gboard

Find out what all the fuss is about
by Tanya Umali | Dec 14, 2016
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Android and iOS are two very different smartphone operating systems. There are features found on Android that are not on iOS and vice versa. Take for example the Google keyboard that can be installed on iPhones and not on Androids. It was released for iOS devices earlier this year.

Good thing Google decided to share the same keyboard to the Android community. Android users can now download the Google keyboard (or Gboard) onto their handsets for free from the Google Play Store

So, what exactly is all the fuss about? Its most bragged about feature is the Google search button, which can be located directly on the space where you type your text. It can't open actual pages though, but what it can do is share maps and details about a page you want to share to the person you're texting.

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There are other neat features on the Gboard which you can't find on your Android's pre-installed keyboard. Check them out:

1) Gesture typing

Yes, your normal keyboard already has gesture typing, but Gboard offers a more precise and easier glide in selecting letters.

2) Learned words

Along with the gesture typing feature, Gboard has learned words. Normal keyboards require you to manually select your dictionary. Gboard has artificial intelligence which can predict the words you commonly use. 


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3) One-handed mode

Smartphones such as ASUS already have this feature installed in their devices. However, the pre-installed one-handed mode shrinks the entire page. In Gboard, only the keyboard shrinks so the actual page doesn't reduce in size. 

4) Spacebar-trackpad in one

Your smartphone's spacebar functions solely as that—a spacebar. The Google keyboard made the spacebar to act as a trackpad so that you won't have to click on the space before a letter in case you make a mistake. 

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5) Emoji search

Another notable feature of the Gboard is its abiltiy to quickly look for emojis. Just type in the emoji you want to use once you click on the Google search button and it will automatically appear. 

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