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3 Free Apps To Help You Get More Sh*t Done

These virtual tools will help boost your productivity!
by FHM UK | Nov 3, 2015
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Happy Tuesday a.k.a. the second most-hated day of the week, everyone!

But let's not dwell on the negatives (read: it's still four long days before Friday!) and sulk. Instead, why don't we think of ways to boost our productivity for the rest of the week? Doing so not only ensures shit gets done, we'll also feel a whole lot more positive about ourselves!

To this end, the huge, huge world of apps has a ton of possible solutions, and our bros from FHM UK has selected three of the most noteworthy ones.

Check 'em out!


What it is: What’s the key to becoming the sort of success story your mom brags about in the local coffee shop? Repetition, that’s what. Calendar app Wonderful Day helps by marking the days you work towards a goal green, leaving the others an angry, disappointed red. The colors of motivation!

Get it: Free via the Apple App Store


What it is:  Whatever you’re trying to achieve (learn Spanish, get fit, master the one-handed press-up), it always helps to have someone else working towards the same goals. puts you in touch with like-minded people, all of them ready to share advice to see you through dark moments of doubt.

Get it: Free via the Apple App Store


What it is: Any amateur–that’ll be us then–can scribble a to-do list on the back of a Ministop receipt, but the true professional uses to share projects with his team and keep tasks synced across all devices. Maybe leave "Buy tissue roll" off this one.

Get it: Free via the Apple App Store

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