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TechKnow: 9 Tricky Tech Brand Names (And How to Say Them Properly!)

Aside from brilliant tech, these brands are known for, well, tricky names! We help save your tongue the trouble by letting you in on how to say them the right way!
by KC Calpo | Jun 28, 2014
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This is oh-so-true when it comes to brand names: give your new company or product a concise, unique, memorable or "pun-ny" moniker, and the public will always remember it. Sometimes, they'll remember it so much, they end up using it for several decades to refer to something—for example, some would say "Xerox," "Frigidaire," or "Google" when they mean photocopy, refrigerator, or online search, respectively.

But then we remember some brand names because they have several accepted variations, or we just can't say them properly. We don't know if they went a bit overboard with the “unique” part of the naming process, or they hate us because, frankly, it could get really confusing.

hard to say tech namesJoey knows

So, like what our bros over at Top Gear Philippines did with automobile brands, and our previous piece on FHM babes with not-so-simple names, we give you nine of the tech world's commonly mispronounced brand names. Of course, we teach you how to say them, too!


hard to say tech names
Known for:
Right now, the Mi 3—a smartphone that scores high on looks and performance, is priced at a super-awesome P10,599, and is newly sold out over at Lazada Philippines. Also, kicking Apple's ass in the land of the Great Wall. Also, its VP for International Operations, ex-Googler Hugo Barra, who was one of the brains behind Android.

Say it: Do as Barra does: “Think of 'show me', and then pronounce the first word as if it was 'shower'.” Thanks, sir!

(Oh, and since we're talking about Xiaomi, we should bring up as well the user-interface their phones use. It's called MIUI—which you say as “Me You I.”)


hard to say tech names
Known for:
Sleek and sexy commercial/gaming gadgets and high-performing PC innards. The company also has the tendency to build tech toys that go from phone to tablet to laptop to Optimus Prime and then maybe to an as-yet-unnamed alien creature.

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Say it: The LSS-inducing song above says it as 'ey-soos'. But consider that ASUS' name comes from 'pegasus' (not the club!), so it should be 'ah-soos'. Confusing, right? But we say you shoul go with the video since it came straight from the Taiwanese brand.


hard to say tech names
Known for:
Commercial and enterprise equipment; think smartphones, mobile broadband devices, tablets, etc., plus products and equipment for tech companies and mobile carriers. It's also described by Forbes and TIME as the company feared by many in the US of A because of rumors about espionage! Dun-dun-dun!

Say it: According to this company-produced video, it's 'wah-way'. Wah (not waaaaah), then way. Got it? Good.


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