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The iPhone Feature That Might Be Jacking Up Your Bill

...and how to turn it OFF!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 3, 2016
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Late last year, Apple released an iOS 9 update which included a feature we're sure the company intended to help users enjoy the pleasures of the Internet better and more efficiently.

However, the same feature has one potential drawback that can have a nasty effect on your bill or prepaid credits.

Called "Wi-Fi Assist," it automatically switches you to 4G connectivity if it detects that your Wi-Fi is slow. The problem is, if it's enabled, you might not know that you're actually already using mobile data, resulting to unplanned prepaid load consumption and even a higher postpaid bill if you go beyond your plan's limit.

To make matters worse, it's activated by default once you get the update.

Now the good news: You can turn it off in three easy steps!

1) Go to Settings

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2) Select Cellular or Mobile Data (naming scheme depends on where you are)

3) Scroll down and turn it off

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That's it! Easy-peasy.

Now, if your bill is still giving you nightmares after doing these steps, well, better check your mobile surfing habits. No amount of Settings tinkering can do anything about that.


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