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TV Etiquette With Sony's New Boob Tubes

Enjoy eye-candy overload with these superb tech features and tips
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 25, 2013
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FHM Techie just came back from Boracay, folks! But this time around we didn't visit the country's beach capital to ogle babes (although we did some of that, too); we were there to set our sights on beauties of a different kind: Sony's next-gen BRAVIA TVs. And we tell you, these are the ones that will really make a huge pasiklab in terms of eye-candy.

So, what about these new boob tubes that had us really excited? Well, aside from sporting great looks, these bad boys from Sony have several new features that make them nothing short of top of the line. Check 'em out below.

Ultra-HD 4K resolution

Sony ultra hd 4k tvUltra HD 4K TV =  unparalleled detail

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We've talked about Ultra-HD 4K several times already, so we bet you already know what it's all about. However, for the uninitiated, it gives you a max resolution of 3840x2160 or four times what the average HD TV can manage. That also means it can give cinema-like quality, right in your living room. The new Sony X9004A (65-inch and 55-inch) sports 4K, making it also the flagship among the Jap brand's new TVs.

Triluminos display

Sony triluminos tvThe Trilumino-blessed TV on the left has greener, truer, uhm, greens...

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Trilumi-what? That's just fancy tech-speak for the new Sony TVs' ability to reproduce more color than what that monstrosity in our living room can. Triluminos enables you to view even the hard to replicate colors like emerald green and see deeper reds, richer greens, and deeper blues. This feature is now available on 3 Sony models: the X9004A, W954A, and W904A.

Magnetic Fluid Speaker

sony magnetic fluid speakersThis one's found on the sides of the Sony BRAVIA X9004A

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Sounds all techie, no? And it is! The Magnetic Fluid Speaker gives you a thinner but more efficient loudspeaker that faithfully reproduces high-fidelity sounds. Its design also allows for reduction of distortion for purer beats while being able to give more audio oomph with less energy consumption. The MFS was designed for the US Space Program (can't get more next-gen than that) and is now on the X9004A.

X-Reality PRO

Sony x-reality proX-Reality PRO results in more realistic imaging

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With X-Reality PRO, Sony's latest TVs can produce cleaner, more refined images from any source (DVDs, normal broadcast) by reducing noise for top-notch detail and sharpness. Available on the X9004A, W954A, W904A, W804A, W704A, W674 A and W654A.


Sony tv xperia mirroringYour phone, supersized!

These TVs can also easily and seamlessly connect wirelessly with mobile devices to show what's on a smartphone's or tablet's display on the big screen, from the normal UI navigation to viewing videos, images, and even games and apps. Sounds are reproduced, too, so both audio and video are super-sized for better content-consumption. Friends will thank you for this.

Note: SRPs are TBA as of the moment although we're told these BRAVIAs will arrive starting June

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