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TV Etiquette With Sony's New Boob Tubes

Enjoy eye-candy overload with these superb tech features and tips
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 25, 2013
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So we decided to come up with several tips for healthy and rewarding bidjotrips. Because, really, what good is having a drool-worthy TV if you or your friends act like douchebags in front of it, right?

1. Don't brag 

tv etiquette tipsYou when trying hard to brag

If you've got a larger, more hi-tech TV than what your peers have, don't brag. This goes both for visitors and hosts. We get it, you have the moolah, but this is a friendly get-together with friends to watch and enjoy movies or shows, not a contest of palakihan ng ano...

2. Less talk

tv etiquette tipsThese beauts deserve all our focus, yes?

If you're the madaldal type, the one always with an itch to talk about something else other than what's being shown on the TV, hold it ineven if you're not interested. If you really can't hold it in, wait for the program to end first before yapping, lest you want to be branded as an annoying loudmouth.

3. Don't spoil

tv etiquette tipsShhhhh...indeed

One of the most popular pet-peeves of TV and movie fans is the spoiler, aka that person who blurts out important details about a show or flick that could ruin everything. If you don't want angry stares or "ano ka ba!" moments, keep them juicy deets to yourself.

4. Don't hug the remote

tv etiquette tips                                                             Another nightmare scenario: lost remote

The oft-missing remote control is an important piece of the TV experience. We advise not being greedy with it and refraining from constant button-mashing or channel-surfing to the extent that you and your friends don't know the answer when asked "ano ba talaga pinapanood natin?"

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5. Share the puluts!

tv etiquette tipsThis + good friends + good movie = GREAT times!

We all have that one friend who treats inuman sessions as food trips and, while it can be mildly funny, proper etiquette dictates sharing the wealth or, in this case, the pulutan. The same can be said for your friendly TV-trips. If you're invited and there's food, eat and share, don't eat and let them stare. If you're really hungry, eat first at your place to avoid being called a "PG."

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