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UFC 2009: Undisputed Review

<p>Punch, tackle, kick-ass</p>
| Jun 18, 2009
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PS3, X360
The virtual octagon ring is now open and ready to satisfy the public’s innermost animalistic craving with the release of UFC 2009: Undisputed. It is the first in what hopes to be a long-running franchise built to accurately depict the complexities of the UFC phenomenon. Unlike other fight-based games in the market, Undisputed has a complex control scheme. But this can be easily forgiven with its built-in tutorial and in-depth training mode, where you'll be able to hone your skills in the ring.

Graphically things are very strong in the octagon. All of the 80-plus fighters look and move like their real life counterparts, little touches like cuts that bleed onto your opponent and progressive bruising that develops in certain places help bring the game closer to reality.
Undisputed has its fair share of issues from the wailing gamers, among them its slow frame rate, bland menus, crazy pop-ups, and lack of choices. But that doesn’t mean UFC fans and non-fans alike won’t have fun with the game once they get the complexities figured out. The career mode is fun and well designed, the combat is cool and visually engaging, and the classic fights mode is sure to please UFC aficionados. Just a few blemishes that can easily be fixed on its second run so in the mean time let’s just enjoy the brawl and bruise fest UFC 2009: Undisputed has to give. - Marc Celis

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