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HOT BUDS: Check Out Urbanears' New Kransen Plus Earphones!

Stylish minimalistic earphones your eyes and ears will love
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 19, 2014
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Urbanears, a brand known for unleashing hip earphones and headphones you want to be seen in public with, has just released another portable audio product that your eyes and ears will love.

Audio gearheads, check out their all-new Kransen Plus earphones!

urbanears kransen plus earphones

Sure, there's not much going on in terms of appearance here. But that's exactly the point, bros! Urbanears decided to go with a single colorway and a minimalistic design for their new buds. The result: a more stylish facade minus the unnecessary bling that can ruin your get-up, like so:

urbanears kransen plus earphones
Ouch! Sakit sa mata, men! You need another look at the Kransen Plus to heal your burnt eyes!

urbanears kransen plus earphones

Don't let its petite look fool you though; we're told this bad boy can handle powerful bass lines with ease. It also comes with a "snappable" earphone housing that you can bond together, as well as the CableLoop feature for easy wire looping. Easy storage with no frustrating tangles, yo!

And for Apple users, each pair of the Kransen Plus earphones comes with a mic and built-in remote that's compatible with iOS devices. Just imagine soundtripping with it while using your iPhone 5S. Pogi, bro!

You like what you've just read? Then maybe it's high time to replace your dusty old buds with these pretty little things! The Kransen Plus earphones are now available locally at Beyond the Box stores for P2,450 a pop.