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10 Tricks For The Aspiring YouTube Master

From the useful to the entertaining!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 3, 2013
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Think you're a YouTube beterano?

Using the site can be summed up in three steps: browse, click, and play. But there are a lot of other things you can do to spice up your streaming spree such as endless looping, creating virtual mix tapes andget thisplaying an old school shooting game while watching! Fun, right?

With that, we present our guide to nifty YouTube tricks. If you know some, then ikaw na! For first timers, let this show how awesome YT can be:

1. Loop to infinity!

youtube tricks
YouTube doesn't have an automatic replay button so to replay a certain clip, you'd have to press play. Ain't nobody got time for that! So here's an easy work-around:

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Do it: In the URL of a YouTube clip, type the word "repeat" after "youtube." If the URL is "," modify to "" Press Enter, and you'll be transferred to a site called "Listen on Repeat" with the clip you're watching automatically replaying. Easy peasy.

2. Play multiple videos easily

youtube tips and tricks
You can play multiple YouTube videos at the same time by opening them in separate tabs and windows. That could be tiring. Here's an alternative:

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Do it: Go to YouFlow and enter the key words associated with the video you're looking for. A selection of videos will appear, and by double-clicking one, the video plays in a pop-up window. You can do this with the other clips, without having to switch tabs or windows. Better is that the videos are presented in a more interactive, easy-on-the-eyes left-to-right "flow." 

NEXT: How to set when a video will start or end!

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