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Sep 16, 2014
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Ah Viber. We're pretty damn sure you've at least heard about it. It, after all, is the top free instant messaging app here in the Philippines. Over 13 million Pinoy subscribers, y'all!

We like the fact that it's free, easy-peasy to use, and really reliable when it comes to connecting us to our pares and mares. We do have one beef with it though: It doesn't support video calls!

Check that: It did not support video calls...

viber 5.0 video calls

Yes, mga ka-Viber, video calling is now possible! With the release of the app's latest version, Viber 5.0, we can now go beyond simply texting and typing to seeing and talking to our mommy girlaloos face-to-face digitally. In the world of free IM apps, that's B-I-G!

Another good news: Viber 5.0 is available not only on mobile devices but on laptops and desktops as well. So as long as your rig has a mic and a webcam, you'll be able to do video calls like the rest of the smartphone-toting crowd.

viber 5.0 video calls

Aside from the glorious ability to make video calls, the upgrade also adds new languages to the Android version of the app. iPhone users won't be left in the cold as Viber 5.0 on iOS also includes improvements in forwarding photo and video messages.

Last but not the least, both versions feature QR scanning for insta-input of new contacts minus the hassle of entering your buddies' many numbers (#Palikero) one by one. Now, that's hi-tech!

With video calling now on Viber, expect to see this more in the streets:

viber 5.0 video callsGIF via Gifs.infinite7.com

But be careful, mga kababayan. Don't walk and video call—or at least always be mindful of your surroundi....

viber 5.0 video callsGIF via Businessinsider.com