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10 Video Game Characters We'd Love To Get Drunk With

We'd invite these guys right away if they were real!
by Ash Mahinay | May 1, 2013
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Cute Gag Face
If you game as much as we do, the following thought has probably crossed your mind: “I wish this character was real!” This may or may not be swiftly followed by a pang of nerd remorse. Now, there are probably a million good reasons for this–"I want to ride a Gyarados, I want to ogle Tifa’s bewbies (creep), I want to be a Sky Pirate," etc.–but here at FHM, in the spirit of Halakhakan 2013, we’d like to bring some of our favorite characters to life simply for a fun inuman.

Short of creating them ala Weird Science, or transporting ourselves into their system as per Tron, the best thing we can do is crush beers until our friends start to look like them! DRANK.

1. Brucie Kibbutz (Grand Theft Auto IV)

The ultimate BRO. Brucie doesn’t give a shit aside from crushing beers and crushing hot poon. He easily sticks out from a cast already full of oddball characters in GTA IV. And that’s why we need him for the Ultimate Drinking Session–because he’s crazy.
Risk of Incriminating Post-Inuman Photos on Facebook: Very High

2. Bad Company (Battlefield: Bad Company)

Marlowe, Sweetwater, Haggard, and their ever suffering CO, Sarge, would be model soldiers–if they didn’t go AWOL searching for mercenary gold that is. Thanks to their sitcom/Generation Kill-like banter, Bad Company has more personality than every-COD-protagonist-ever combined. For an inuman, this means quality talkshit all night long.
Caution: Most likely to disappear without chipping in for the bill

3. Elite Beat Agents (Elite Beat Agents)

These super happy (read: ambiguously gay) folks will level up an inuman all the way into dance night! No one can resist once the spinner comes up on screen. These guys are also the type who will cheer you on matter what the problem–YOU CAN DO ANYTHING thanks to their encouragement. Just don’t count on them actually lifting a finger though.
Secretly: Useless Friends

NEXT: A female secret agent, Jack Black's video game alter ego, and a King!

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