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FARMCORE: 8 Hayup Videos of Animals Going Metal

Oh, the stuff you find on the web!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 1, 2013
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Give a dog a bone or a cat a fish and it will be darn happy. Give them the power to rock and what do you get? Sabay-sabay in a deep, pang-metal voice: Farmcore!

We give props to whoever came up with these literally hayup videos below that show us, with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of boredom productivity, what could happen when our dear pets shed their pa-cute status and rock out!

death metal petsWorship me, humans!

Okay, so there might have been a little bit of editing and tweaking done here, but we say #closenough, bro! After all, we just want you to have a bit of fun and forget the delubyo happening outside your window. Scroll down and see bantay, muning, and the rest of the gang going ga-ga with some head-bangin' music.



Here's a little clip of a cockatoo minding its own business when suddenly, it starts to bang its head like it's in a Metallica concert! And that "I don't give an F" look seals the deal!

If it had a band we'd name it: Cockatoo Corpse (thanks, YouTube comments!)



GIF via catster.com
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