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Oct 8, 2013
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Valve, a popular gaming company whose expertise is to dish out awesome titles that will deprive you of sleep, like Half Life 2 and Portal, is in the process of creating something gamers will go absolutely bananas for: The Steam Engine.

valve steam engine detailsNo official images yet; this artist's rendition from Valve should do for now...

Ditch your ideas of an old school device that spews white clouds like the trains of old; this one's a mean, next-gen machine that will blow your old Pentium 2 system away to molecular bits.

For starters, the Steam Engine is a PC-type box which will boast of hardware capable of max gaming visuals and speed. We're talking an Nvidia Titan GTX video card (which is among the best in the gaming biz today), Intel Core i7 processors, up to 16 freakin' gigabytes of RAM, and 1TB of capacity. Huwaw!

And because many gamers like to constantly upgrade their rig, Valve made the Steam Engine's hardware swappable. This basically means that you can buy new parts like, say, an even better processor or MoBo (motherboard) and replace what's inside. But given its current specs, solb na kami with what it has!

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