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Dec 3, 2013
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Ladies and gents, here's something we'll bet our sweldo you haven't seen ever:

lg curved oled tv philippines

That, dear friends, is a 60-inch curved OLED TV from LG. It's a world's first which makes it both a record holder and premium gadget.

As you can see, it truly is curved. No magic tricks, no illusions, just a feat of tech engineering the boob tubes in our sala aren't blessed with. My, it really is a stunner. Care for another look?

lg curved oled tv philippines

Aside from having a curvy profile, the TV (model name EA9800) is also wafer thin. The main panel is only 4mm thick or about the same as that of four credit cards stacked on top of each other. Impressive

It looks all nice but is the curved display just an unnecessary and expensive gimick? LG says no. According to the Korean titan, it offers viewers a better cinematic experience by giving a wider viewing angle and the impressions that the action's happening around and not just in front of you. In other words, it's like having an IMAX theatre in your own home, especially if you combine two or more.

lg curved oled tv philippines

In terms of eye-candy, the EA9800 boasts what is called the WRGB feature which reproduces richer and deeper colors. It also displays impressive contrast across all brightness levels and viewing angles without the dull or overly "burned" edges other TVs' contrast settings give. We're also told that it has both 3D and Internet capabilities. Can it be more awesome?

As for resolution, the EA9800 is at full 1080p HD. How about ultra-definition? Nope, but that's alright. The device's already impressive as it is. Besides, it already costs P499,990 or about as much as a small car. Just imagine if it's also in 4K, baka wala nang makabili niyan!