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WATCH: Guy Builds Own Version Of Razer's Triple-Screen Laptop

And he teaches us how to do it
by Andrei Medina | Feb 7, 2017
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Remember Razer’s recently revealed Project Valerie aka the triple-screen laptop during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017?

Well someone was able to create his own version of it.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything who saw Project Valerie in person during CES 2017 admittedly said he was inspired by the revolutionary product so he took a crack at making it himself.


“I try to stay as productive as possible when I’m traveling so one thing I’ve done to stay productive is I built a triple-screen laptop. You might have heard of Project Valerie made by Razer, they’re a triple-screen laptop. The side screens [in my version] don’t actually fold in. The laptop I’ve built is actually collapsible. Let me show you.”

For his prototype, Jerry improvised and used glue and door hinges to fold the screens together. “Each of these hinges was $2 bucks and the side monitors were around a hundred.”

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The result is a clunky but fully functional triple-screen laptop similar to Razer’s Project Valerie.

It’s a far cry from Razer’s prototype product which by the way got stolen after the event but props to this guy for sharing his cool ideas.

Here’s Project Valerie in action just for comparison.


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