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WATCH: Nintendo Switch Survives Thousand-Foot Drop Test

Watch out, Nokia 3310
by Andrei Medina | Jun 1, 2017
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If you’re ever asked what the most durable gadget is, you’ll most probably say that this title, without a shadow of a doubt, belongs only to the Nokia 3310.

After all, the old school dumbphone produced way back in the early 2000’s can easily be considered the benchmark of durability when it comes to mobile gadgets.

But guess what, there’s a new product in town that might have just beaten the 3310’s legendary toughness after going through an over-the-top drop test.


A three-minute video from the YouTube channel recently tested if the Nintendo Switch was up to the challenge.

They attached the Switch to a drone that took it up 1,000 feet before the big drop.

Unfortunately, the unit fell on its left joystick with a loud thud as it broke off from the portable console’s main body. Surprisingly enough, the Switch still actually turns on and functions perfectly after hitting solid concrete.

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Wow. Now that’s what we would call (close to) indestructible.


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