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WATCH: Nokia 6 Is So Tough, It Can Crack Walnuts

It's like the 3310, only reincarnated as a smartphone
by Tanya Umali | Jan 13, 2017
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One of the characteristics we used to love about older Nokia phone models was their durability. You could drop a 3310 numerous times and it might still work.  

Since Nokia introduced the Nokia 6 this week, most people rolled their eyes because they had low expectations from the handset. After all, it looks similar to the typical smartphones present in the market—fragile and in need of a sturdy cover to protect it in case it falls. 

However, a video recently circulated on the internet which proves that Nokia still hasn't lost its touch when it comes to the durability of their mobile devices. In the video, which surfaced in Chinese website Gizmochina, the Nokia 6 is seen being used by someone to crack open some walnuts. As of writing, the video already has around 18,000 views on Youtube

It's no surprise though that Nokia's comeback phone could withstand such torture, due to its 6000 series aluminum casing, which is considered as one of the strongest weldable casings. 

For now, you can watch the video and marvel at the impressive strength of the Nokia 6:

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