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WATCH: 'Pokémon GO' Master Visits PH To Catch 'Em All

Nick Oyzon is in the house!
by Andrei Medina | Dec 14, 2017
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If you thought people were done playing the global sensation that was Pokémon GO then you’re dead wrong. Sure, the hype has died and many of the players who were initially lured in due to nostalgia have stopped, but the mobile game which took the world by storm remains a popular app among hardcore fans.

Just recently, a California-based YouTuber who regularly pumps out fresh Pokémon GO content on his video blog decided to pay Manila a visit in a bid to try and catch them all.

Nick Oyzon, whose Trainer Tips channel has over 600,000 subs, arrived in the country at the start of the month just in time to catch rare and region exclusive Pokémon as Niantic rolled out the much-awaited Gen 3 update.

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Being the adventure-driven Pokémon trainer that he is, Nick made sure to visit various stops in the country including Quezon City, Makati, BGC and even the province to experience everything the Philippines has to offer. Too bad for him that package includes snail-paced Wi-Fi.

Horrendous internet aside, Nick had no second thoughts trying dinuguan, which he aptly describes as “pig guts, in a stew of pig blood” as he dug in. “Quite possibly the least vegan thing I could ever eat... So just so you know, I’m not totally vegan. I’ll eat meat for the culture.”

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He also got a dose of Manila traffic while finding his way around the Metro to catch Pokémon. “The good thing about traffic in Manila is that you can focus on PokéStops, in the car.” It’s a good thing some of his Filipino friends were gracious enough to accompany him after to the Rizal province, where they treated him to a boodle fight at the Daranak falls.

But the highlight of Nick’s visit was when he went to Luneta, where he conducted a meet and greet session with Pinoy fans. Together with the group, they went on to do a couple of boss raids. Was Nick able to capture the legendary Ho-Oh? Check it out below:


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