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WATCH: The Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Unveiled

The hype is real
by Andrei Medina | Jan 13, 2017
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The much anticipated Nintendo Switch, which is the first-ever gaming gadget to merge both a home console and portable system, has officially been introduced to the public.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima himself made the opening remarks for the event via live streaming on Friday.

During his talk, Kimishima revealed the Nintendo Switch’s launch date and pricing, which gamers have been talking about for months since the gadget was first teased last year.

“Nintendo Switch will release simultaneously on March 3rd, 2017 in Japan, the US, Canada, major European countries, Hong Kong and other territories,” he said.

“This is the suggested retail price for Nintendo switch. In Japan it will be ¥20,980. In North America it will be $299.99,” he added.

So with a price point of roughly P15,000, early bird buyers can enjoy playing games at home or on the go.

Aside from this, Kimishima said the Nintendo Switch will feature a trial period for their online multiplayer services that can be accessed through your smartphone.

This means that you can invite, set appointments, and chat with friends in-game by using your smartphone so you actually don’t have to do it on your gaming gadget which can disrupt gameplay.

Kimishima also made one major announcement that would possibly increase demand for the Nintendo Switch: It’s not region locked unlike its predecessors.

“With Nintendo Switch, we have revised our approach and decided that in general we will not apply region locking to Nintendo Switch software,” he said.

Nintendo’s previous devices mostly had region locking activated, which prevents a gaming gadget from the US to be able to run a game from Asia and vice versa.

This has been one of the complaints of Nintendo users and has been at some point, a deal breaker for other potential consumers, who instead opted to switch to Sony’s non-region locked products.

Here’s the full introduction of the Nintendo Switch which starts at the 33:30 mark:


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