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WATCH: This Guy Plays The Iconic Super Mario Stage In AR

Walk, jump and 1-up IRL!
by Andrei Medina | Jun 23, 2017
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Virtual reality is all the rage these days but who would’ve thought that we would get to see the day that our favorite plumber’s World 1-1 would be reincarnated into an augmented reality experience.

Meet Abhishek Singh, a fellow fan of Super Mario who decided to make an AR version of the popular game through Microsoft’s Hololens technology.

“Hi I’m Abhishek Singh and I’ve recreated the iconic first level of Super Mario Bros. as a first person life-size augmented reality game that I’m now going to play as Mario,” he said.

Singh then proceeds to choose the 1 player option, then strolls along New York City’s Central Park to test out his creation while wearing a Mario costume.

The AR versions plays just like the 2D version except for the fact that it’s in first person. Singh demonstrated how you could walk, jump on enemies and collect power-ups similar to the original game. But the coolest thing he showed was how you could shoot fireballs with a flick of your hands.

Earlier this year, a VR version of the same Super Mario stage was created by another fan. Check it out and compare it with the AR version.


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