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May 14, 2015
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Jetpacksthose nifty devices we often see on TV shows and movies that provide personal flightis the stuff of sci-fi legend, right?

jetpackGIF via Gifsoup.com


See for yourself:

jetpackGIF via Theverge.com

It looks like an expensive stunt from a high-budget flick, no? Don't bother looking for harnesses or signs of CGI thoughthis one's legit! You just saw Yves Rossy, a Swiss pilot and aviation enthusiast, and his "protégé" Vince Reffet flying over a portion of Dubai on freakin' jetpacks!

The jetpacks were created by Yves Rossy himself and are true marvels of engineering, providing enough thrust to not only fly an adult human but also the power to reach hair-raising speeds and the maneuverability to perform aerial stunts. Here are some numbers for more proof:

  • Each jetpack contains four small jet engines
  • Each jetpack provides 22kg of thrust
  • The wingspan measures around two meters across
  • The rider can achieve a max speed of 300kph


Just in case you're still unconvinced that we're not pulling your leg (and riding a real-life jetspack is both crazy and fun), here's a few more GIFs:






We bet that got you all hyped up and excited! So, here it is folks, the footage of the two "jetmen" flying over Dubai shot in stunning clarity and quality:

Video via XDubai

This isn't the first time Rossy went "up, up, and away" on a jetpack (he also flew over Mount Fuji and the Grand Canyon), but this is, hands down, the most spectacular yet. It would've have been more awesome though if he used this song as the background tune:

Video via RKellyVEVO