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These Are All The Ways That Mario Has Gained Infinite 1UPs Through The Years

You know how to do it in <em>Super Mario Bros</em>. But have you ever been able to collect infinite lives in other Mario games?
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 24, 2015
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Along with the unforgettable memories it has given us, the Mario series has always been a treasure trove of gaming secrets. From the oldest games to the newest ones, the Mario games reward gamers who are keen on exploring every nook and cranny of a level.

The best rewards are often those that give the player an infinite number of lives. You might remember this exact moment in Super Mario Bros. for the Family Computer:

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The trick ranks up there with Contra's iconic "up, up, down, down" Konami code, and in the past, was a secret shared verbally to pals during recess or afternoon play time. Find the turtle, flip it, time the jump correctly, and you were well on your way to breaking the life counter of the game.

What only the most religious of Mario fans know though is that the infinite lives trick shows up in many other Mario games. From the Super NES to the N64 to the Wii, the trick has shown up in one way or another in Mario games appearing across various console generations.

A video uploaded on YouTube channel "Nintendo Unity" last September 2 catalogs all of these.

Watch it here:

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