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WD My Cloud: 5 Things Your Next External Hard Drive Should Have

Behold, the external hard drive every geek should own, the WD My Cloud!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 11, 2014
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External hard drives belong to the same class as computer mice, speakers, and keyboards: the unheralded, un-sexy, and un-hyped thingamajigs.

But many of us keep on using them, and herein lies our point: They don't really need much attention because the very importance of having an additional option for storing your virtual stuff will always assure that sales will keep on coming.

That being said, it doesn't mean that all external hard drives are the same boring pieces of no-nonsense hardware. Because, every once in a while, there emerges one that has the nifties that will make us say "I wanna buy that!" even if our standby emergency storage is already at one do-you-really-need-this-much TB.

We present to you one such external hard drive, the WD My Cloud:

wd my cloud philippines

Okay, so it's the prettiest HDD ever, but as what countless rom-coms have said, true beauty lies on the inside. And, in the case of the MyCloud, the "beauty" here is its bounty of storage options and features that we daresay should be on the next external hard drive that you'll buy.

So, if you're in the market for a new one, it better should have...


First things first: The My Cloud is an external hard drive, but it does things differently compared to 99-percent of its kin. It's a cloud storage device that runs on your home's Wi-Fi network, and you'd have to have wireless connectivity to access the files in it. This differs from run-of-the-mill external hard drives that you simply have to plug in (usually via USB) to your PC or laptop to use.

Video via WD, a Western Digital Company

Before you dismiss this as an unnecessary hassle, hear us out first! Yes, you need to go wireless, but imagine the perks, bro! Once you connect the My Cloud to your router (and as long as you have working Internet connectivity), it basically transforms into an "anywhere" device. Now you can access files stored inside even if your AFK or even if you're on the other side of the globe. Now that's nifty!


wd my cloud philippines
We know what you're thinking: "Hindi naman kaya ma-J. Law ako niyan?"


While My Cloud uses online connectivity, your files are still inside your own personal space (inside the device itself) and not inside the servers of a third-party storage provider that's constantly under attack by sneaky hackers. So, unless you let someone shady inside your crib and give him/her access to your My Cloud storage, rest assured your naked photos and sex videos won't reach anyone's News Feed.

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