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We Asked These Pro 'Mobile Legends' Players Everything You've Ever Wanted

As they prepare for Season 2 of the 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Professional League-Philippines!
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 26, 2018
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You might have noticed that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular game in the country—we notice people playing it in our pantry all the time, for example—and wondered: just how many people play this thing? Well, according to Logan Shaw, Moonton's Tournament Director, the Philippines is the second-largest market for Mobile Legends with around two million players logging on daily. And if you want to rise to the top of that pile, then you better get a team ready for the second season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League-Philippines.

Starting on September 8, online qualifiers will be held for teams who want to make their legend known. The regular season will then run from October 27 to December 9 before culminating in the live eight-team Grand Finals. The prizes? At least $100,000 or P5 million is at stake–stay tuned for details on the "MPL Carnival" which will raise the pot through crowdfunding.

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The pro teams from Season 1 obviously can't share strats and lineups with us though, so instead we asked them everything a casual Mobile Legends player should know if they dream of entering the world of mobile e-sports.

1. Did you play other MOBAs before Mobile Legends?

Team Execration: Only DotA and Dota 2.

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Digital Devils: Played DotA, Dota2, HoN, and tried LoL.

Bren Esports: Yes, we played Dota 2 and LoL.

2. Did you actually pay-to-play and unlock characters before going pro or was it F2P all the way?

Team Execration: No, it was free to play all the way.

Digital Devils: F2P all the way.

Bren Esports: F2P all the way before going pro.

3. Should a person be super high-ranked before even thinking about going pro?

Team Execration: I guess so, it's necessary because all high ranking players are playing on mythic level. So, in order to be competitive you must be on the same level as them.

Digital Devils: Could be yes or no—it depends on the perspective of each player, and if the person understands the game well and knows how to listen to teammates.

Bren Esports: Yes, high rank before going pro.

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4. How many hours a day do you practice, how many days a week?

Team Execration: About 8-10 hours per day and 6 days a week.

Digital Devils: 4-8 hrs a day, 6-7 days a week.

Bren Esports: At leasts 12 hours a day.

5. Sino ang pinaka-chicks na hero?

Team Execration: I will go for Fanny since she's my second main hero.

Digital Devils: Favorite hero is Fanny sana, pero I'd go with Layla. Siya kasi ang una sa mundo ng ML, ha ha!

Bren Esports: Eudora Haze!

6. Pag puno na ang toxicity niyo, what do you do to relax?

Team Execration: If medyo toxic, we got jeffqt4ever na magpapatawa then nandun na din yung yosi!

Digital Devils: Take a break, avoid saying things that won't help the team and talk to each other about do's and dont's. We also do activities every weekend like ice skating and laser tag.

Bren Esports: Eat and sleep!

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