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8 Gadgets That Will Help You Feel Like RoboCop

Without the guns of course
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 18, 2013
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A RoboCop remake is in the works, geeks!

A new movie about the crime-bustin' man and metal combo will hit theaters next year, and the little kid in us approves! With a helmet that makes him (it?) fit to be a member of Daft Punk, RoboCop is one of the most iconic sci-fi characters of the '90s, one of the reasons why we'd go baril-barilan with our buddies back then.


But what really makes the gun-toting cyborg awesome is, aside from being hella strong and having that deep voice reminiscent of a robotic Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has a slew of nifty next-gen features that can do different things, from blowing stuff to smithereens to doing a little bit of math.

Cool shit, you could say, and it would be a thrill to have those at your disposal. The good news is there are plenty of next-gen gadgets we can wear that could make us look and feel a bit like RoboCop—minus the 'borg swagger and firepower, of course.

Check out some of the really special ones below!

1. Google Glass


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