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Weird Dating Apps That Just Might Break Your Tragic Tinder Streak

Besides, Tinder is boring and ordinary and so yesterday
by KC Calpo | Apr 7, 2018
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Dating apps were a novelty a few years ago. Now, they’re a must for the singles (and feeling-singles, or pretend-singles) whenever they want to mingle. Some apps—Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and OKCupid, among others—have even become as famous as the service they’re providing.

But what if you’re looking for something more specific? There are apps for that, too! Niche dating apps are the way to go if you don’t want to jump into the wide and rocky sea of general online dating. For example, there’s Farmers Only (US only) and Gluten Free Singles (available internationally) for people who aren’t into city folk and gluten. That’s how specific you can get.

There is a downside to these unique apps, though. The more popular apps still have more users, so you may have fewer dating options than you expect. Christopher Trout, a writer for Engadget, also described his brief use of niche apps Mouse Mingle and Sizzl as incredibly sad

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For him, apps like these reduce us to how we spend our money and, as a result, disregard the nuances of attraction and the benefit of an outside perspective.

No contest there. And some niche apps just don’t get enough traction to begin with. There was Yeezy Dating, an app for hardcore Kanye West fans. However, it didn’t get the crowdfunding it needed, and remains nonexistent. The aforementioned Sizzl was another app/marketing stunt that went public and made headlines in 2015—mainly because it catered to bacon lovers, AKA our kind of people. The URL doesn’t work anymore, so we guess Sizzl fizzled out.

But if you’re still interested in going niche and weird, we found six dating apps for you. We don’t have info if all of these apps have Filipino users or are available locally, although we’ve tried to check for explicit mentions, so it’s your call.

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Hate it

Most apps work on finding you someone who loves the same things you love. How about mutual hate of the same things? Yep, Hater’s the app for you! Screw your good vibes and go with this Shark Tank alumnus. You probably won’t hate us for suggesting it.

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Hater’s free for both Android and iOS users, which we love.

Work it out

You love working out, and you need a date or friend who can keep up with you and your #beastmode ways. Download Sweatt, a fitness-centric app that matches you with someone based on your workouts and their usual times and frequency. Fitness and relationship goals? Check them all off.

Right now, Sweatt is available only for iOS users. Android users will have to join a waitlist. (Hey, stop it with the iOS-friendly thing. It’s not cute. Thanks.)


We’re so used to getting what we want via SMS and chat apps that the thought of contacting someone by phone has become daunting. (Well, it is for us, anyway.) The Hotline app tries to bring back a truly personal aspect of communicating with others: by making users call one another. Like, actual voice calls, guys. It does have a messaging function, but for the most part you’ll be hitting that Call icon on your smartphone a lot more here.

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Again, this app is iOS-only. It also charges you US$9 per month (around P468)—not an enticing prospect for singles who’ve been spoiled by free and stealthy dating apps.

Cuddle that geek!

Sometimes, geeks just wanna talk to other geeks. Forget about those who don’t know squat about your certain interests. Get on Cuddli and connect with people who share your fandoms, and maybe make that first move! It also eschews the OKCupid strategy of long user profiles. Here, you’ll be making them short and sweet. We congratulate you on your future Geekily Ever After.

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This dating app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Pet my pet first

If you have a dog—and want to enlist them in your search for your next or forever date—TinDog is a dating app you should definitely look into. Your matches on this app will automatically meet your “Must Love Dogs” criterion, and you and your dog will also find new friends to have pet playdates with. For those points alone, it’s worth a download.

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TinDog’s Android and iOS apps are, to quote its website copy, “100% free”.

Stroke it

You spent a long time growing your beard and getting into the whole lumberjack look, not to mention spending for those trendy beard oils. And there are ladies who really dig the whole thick face-fur thing, even in hellish Philippine heat. So get on Bristlr and see how many of them will want to touch yours! Sure, it started out as a joke, but true beard-loving singletons ain’t laughing, son.

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Download Bristlr’s free Android and iOS apps, and maybe stop stroking your beard like you’re a movie villain with a nefarious plan.


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