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6 Crazy-Looking PC Gizmos That Will Make Any Rig Look Interesting

'Shut up, and take our money!'
by Karen Mae De Vera | Dec 8, 2015
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Functionality's all well and good but there's nothing quite like getting an awesome yet crazy-looking device for the sake of bragging rights and also to add to your tech treasure trove. The weirder the appearance, the better, yes?

From a multi-antenna router that looks like the devil's spawn to a monstrous laptop with a built-in cooling system, the crazy PC gadgets you're about to see will make you do a double take!

Just imagine your rig having...

1) A pair of speakers that look like space pods

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Gizmo: Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse 2.0

Don’t they remind you of a high-concept art installation? Or maybe something straight out of a sci-fi flick about outer space? One thing this pair has (other than a unique appearance): decent sound definition. 

Get it: $199.99 (around P9,400) via

2) A laptop partner that looks like it has a vendetta against portability

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Gizmo: ASUS ROG GX700

This huge, 17-inch laptop boasts a 4K display, a freakin' radiator, and a pump water-cooling kit so you can keyboard-mash all night long minus the heat. That, and it lets you game with awesome graphics, thanks to its impressive innards (how does a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and up to 64GB of RAM sound?).

Get it: Price and availability still TBA

3) Satan's router

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Gizmo: RT-AC5300

With eight external dual-band antennas, the RT-AC5300 looks less like a router and more like a nightmarish summoning portal where a demonic creature will crawl out and devour your pathetic soul. Turn it over and it looks like a creepy crawler. But hey, you’ve got a device that can (theoretically) give you a 5.3Gbps connection. That’s great for streaming and even better for online gaming. #UpgradeComplete

Get it: Price and availability still TBA


4) These incredibly horny speakers

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Gizmo: Edifier Spinnaker

We’re so sure the 12-year-old in you would put these speakers on top of your head and wear them as devil’s horns. You know it to be true. They aren’t just for show though; these are actually pretty powerful speakers, delivering banging bass lines and sounds that fill a big room.

Get it: $224.95 (around P10,600) via

5) These cans for cat lovers

Gizmo: Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Look kawaii with this pair of cat ears which doubles as massive speakers with LED lights. We recommend doing so not only while watching felines on YouTube but also when listening to your fave tunes or beating the crap out of your enemies in a game. It has the hardware to deliver above average loudness and beats, yo!

Get it: $149.99 (around P7,100) via

6) A gaming mouse that looks like it swallowed a phone's keypad

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Gizmo: Logitech G600 MMO

Because you can never have too many buttons! If you’re OC about setting up your hotkeys and fine-tuned virtual ass-kicking then THIS is the mouse for you.

Get it: P3,595 via

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