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10 Weirdest Simulation Games For Players With Crazy Fantasies

The world has its fair share of cool simulation games that let us live out fantasies. And then there are these weird, whacko titles...
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 13, 2014
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Video games aren't just a form of escape. They also let us live out fantasies that we otherwise wouldn't experience.

Not all of us can be NBA stars, so there's the NBA 2K series for that. Not all of us will be able to drive fancy racing cars in our lifetime, hence the need for Gran Turismo. Only a few of us can ever become the dictator of our own nations, so thank God for the Civilization series. 

These are just a few examples of quality simulation titles that allow us to pretend that we're somebody other than our 9-to-5 work drone selves.

Not everyone though wants to be an NBA star, a car racer, or a dictator. People have diverse fantasies. Need proof? This odd bunch of simulation games below should tell you that, indeed, some people just want to experience life as a robot vacuum cleaner.

Here now are the ten weirdest videogame sims in existence:

1) Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013

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