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Nov 29, 2013
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Behold an icon kids of the '90s will certainly recognize:

return of tamagotchiLet the nostalgia fest begin!

For the really young ones (and the older peeps who never really got the idea), that's a Tamagotchi, a pocket-sized gadget that was such a big hit in the '90s, especially for school kids. It's normally egg-shaped and houses a virtual pet that comes in different types, from rabbits to little dinos.

The main idea was to raise these virtual pets by doing some basic digital chores like feeding and petting them. As such, they can also die if you're a lazy or a careless little bastard.

And here's the big news: It's back!

Tamagotchi creators, Bandai, have announced that they are set to bring back the über-popular virtual pet via the Tamagotchi Friends line. Europe will have first servings of its return by December while North America will have theirs sometime in 2014.


The only problem we see here is this: There's still no official announcement when it will arrive here in the Philippines. Bummer.

However, given its patok status locally back then, we wouldn't be surprised if the new Tamagotchi will also make landfall here. And when it does, we won't be ashamed to tell we'll be interested in getting one! Yes, we'll completely forget that it's not the manliest of things, all because of these three simple reasons:

1) Because girls love cute things


Take it from Joey of Friends: women like babies and other sorts of cutesy little things. So, when they see you caring for a Tamagotchi, expect them to go "Aww" or, at the very least, be curious with what you're doing. Sure, you might sacrifice a few bro points, but the possible pogi points you can score with the ladies will more than make up for it!

2) Because we need practice

No way we're gonna equate raising a Tamagotchi to raising a child, but we do think that it's similar. As we've said, these virtual pets can die if you're not careful. Also, you'll see them grow from being a baby to a full-grown Tamagotchi. And you'll have to do certain things, like feeding and cleaning them. Caring for a child ain't easy-peasy, and we'll welcome any sort of practice to help us prepare, even if it comes in a pinkish egg-shaped package.

3) Because it's an icon

return of tamagotchiBlack and red, for the emo and goth kids

We really don't want to pass up on the chance of getting the new Tamagotchi. It's like having an icon reborn right in the palm of your hands. And if Bandai's latest efforts quickly go down the drain, we might not get another shot at having one. Plus, we're really curious at what these new 'gotchis will have as upgrades. Perhaps a touchscreen, 3D visuals, or, perhaps, even a hologram? Interesting.