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With a Bang: How the World Welcomed 2013!

The greatest fireworks shows on earth
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 4, 2013
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Kumpleto pa ba daliri ninyo, mga ser?

As always, we said goodbye to another year by partying, resolutions-making, drinking, and lighting fireworks. Make that A WHOLE LOT of fireworks.

But it wasn't just us who went paputok-crazy last January 1, the whole world all went Rambo in welcoming the New Year, coming up with mapapamura ka sa ganda fireworks displays  that were just dowright gorgeous. We decided to compile the best ones here...

Happy New Year from Australia!

Why it's awesome: The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a beautiful steel arch structure that's popular worldwide, it being the stage of The Land Down Under's New Year's fireworks display was certainly a sight to behold. Plus, you've got music from one of the most famous Aussies around, the sexy Kylie Minogue, blasting from the background for a party-perfect atmosphere.

Happy New Year from Taiwan!

Why it's awesome: The Taiwanese again decided to turn one tall-ass skyscraper, all 1,500-plus feet of the Taipei 101, into one gigantic fountain of fireworks.

Happy New Year from London!

Why it's awesome: You've got the Big Ben and the London Eye (the gigantic ferris wheel) partnering up for a momentous show of lights and sparks. And that deep, almost gloomy, bell ticks in the beginning give a more unique twist to the experience, doesn't it? Almost like it's telling you something big is coming. A sign of things to come for 2013, perhaps?

Happy New Year from Dubai!

Why it's awesome: The ginormous buiding that you just saw lighting up? That, dear friends, is Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world, ever. That's a skyscraper over 2,700 feet tall! That means you've got more vertical space to pack fireworks in and better viewing, even from a distance, or from the air!

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