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What Duke Nukem Would Say to His Critics

Come get some!
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 23, 2011
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Hands down, the folks who made Duke Nukem Forever must be on a bit of a fiasco at the moment, courtesy of the unenthusiastic and depressing reviews the title has gotten since its release last week.

Can’t blame these critics for doing so – developers were given the better part of the decade to release a genuine sequel to the 1996 hit third person shooter game, much less come up with a decent one. Instead, we’re getting the feeling that the game is still in dire need of more development.

Nonetheless, we’d like to believe Duke has garnered enough cred over the years to proceed with his aura of awesomeness. In fact, we believe all the bad press he’s been getting should make the guy grouchier than ever. So if Duke could talk back, Duke must definitely talk smack in his own machismo, cheesy way:


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