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What If You Got Shoryuken-ed In Real Life?

A video scientifically demonstrates how the special move from Street Fighter is twice as neck-breaking as getting hanged.
| Dec 9, 2015
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The "shoryuken" is one of the most iconic special moves in videogame history. In one form or another, Street Fighter characters Ryu, Ken, and Akuma make use of the powerful technique. But how powerful is it really?

Pop culture-oriented YouTube channel "Vsauce3" attempts to answer just that. Analyzing how the punch hits the opponent and its visible, gravity-defying effects on both the puncher and the punchee, they come up with a pseudo-scientific formula to measure its strength.


The gist: The move has twice the neck-breaking power of an execution by hanging. To visually demonstrate, they make use of a robot fist performing the shoryuken aimed at a dummy that approximates human flesh and bone.

The result? Let's just say that Mortal Kombat would be darned proud.


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