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Facebook's got a Listen button on Music pages

Going the MySpace way?
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 18, 2012
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In another move that'll force unwilling users into sharing and collaborating, Facebook has added yet another feature to their already complicated interface. We'd count someone who's confident about their Timeline expertise rare, but with this new change it's another way to get more active users on the site and keep them there. No word yet from the Official Facebook Blog, although the Music on Facebook page has seen activity.

Here's the post: "Today Facebook launched a Listen button for all musician Pages. The new button will give gans an easy way to listen to their favorite artist or band's music right from their Facebook Pages using services like Spotify and MOG. Check it out on Linkin Park's Page, Slash's Page or elsewhere!"

We checked Linkin Park's page to have a see (or a listen) for ourselves, but sadly, we were greeted by a Listen-button-less page.

We tried to check out the Spotify app as well, but sadly it hasn't launched in the Philippines yet. [Sidebar: Spotify was a company founded by tech prodigy Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook] Looks like we're safe from another Facebook change, for now at least. If ever this little button goes global, it could spell doom for the already waning number of Google+ users. We're puzzled as to why Google didn't think of this first. They've got the content, through YouTube, that they could merge with their ailing social network. The loyalty of YouTube subscribers and viewers should be enough to at least pull the Plus farther from the Ideas-That-Didn't-Work-Out bin. But as they say, hindsight is always 20-20.

The upside is, there are a whole lot more things that you can do on Facebook apart from listen to music. Who needs a Listen button, anyway? Some people are on Facebook so much they've gotten on people's nerves.

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