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What You Need To Know About The USB Type C Port?

The old USB ports we know are slowly becoming obsolete
by Tanya Umali | Nov 11, 2016
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Evolution is not only applicable to living beings but also to gadgets.

The devices we've been using have drastically changed over time. And one noticeable change in the tech world right now is the transition of USB ports from micro to USB-C.

Newly released gadgets such as Apple's iPhone 7 as well as ASUS' Zenfone 3 series, for examples, have shifted to USB-C ports.

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So, what were we using before the USB-C Ports came into the picture?

Your current gadgets (assuming you're still going old-school in the foreseeable future) have a micro-USB port and needs a micro-USB charger like this:


Size-wise, the micro-USB and USB-C are the same. The only difference is their design. A number of people find micro-USB more difficult to use since there's a correct way of inserting it. Most of us spend time cursing our charger cables in the dark because it won't properly fit into our devices. With USB-C, there is no right-side up. You can insert it in any orientation you like on your handset.

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But does it charge and transfer files quickly?

It's definitely a yes for USB-C ports. The ones we've been using for the past years, such as the micro USB, are under the USB 3.0 category or lower. That's why older computers and phones take up too much time to charge and write data because lower USB categories only deliver up to 2.5 watts of power. On the other hand, USB-C ports are under the USB 3.1 category which will allow you twice the charging speed as well as read and write speed from one device to another. 

How about our other micro-USB cables? Does it mean we won't be able to use them anymore?

You can still use it but you would need an adapter. Since the iPhone 7 came out, some stores have started to sell USB-C adapters so that you could still use your older cables. Sure, you'll have to shell out a bit of cash to buy an adapter, but until all devices out in the market haven't completely transitioned from micro to Type-C just yet, there's still room for your old charger cables. At least there's an adapter. Older USBs such as the mini-USB don't have a micro-USB adapter. 

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As of now, the USB-C is an Apple- and ASUS-owned technology. Though it will take some time, our gadgets will slowly get to the point where they'll all be built with a one size fits all USB-C port and cable. You won't be able to find any USB-C devices from Samsung and other brands just yet but we're sure that they'll follow the lead soon. 

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