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TechKnow: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Just Throw Your Old Gadgets Away

Thinking of ditching your old gadgets? <em>Huwag muna</em>, bro! Read on to know why you shouldn't just throw them away!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 17, 2014
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Overlooked in all our gadget spending sprees is the fate of the devices we’re going to replace. It’s understandable, however, with “Ay, baka itabi o itapon ko na lang” one of the usual replies to the all-important question, "What the heck am I going to do with my old gizmos?"

If only these inanimate objects can hear us, we bet our hearts would’ve been broken a million times already:

old gadhets disposal

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So, is resigning them to a date with the dumpster the only recourse? Hell-freakin’-no! There are several ways these gadgets can still work for you, even in their pinaglumaan state. The reasons below will show you how!


old gadgets disposalWhen you manage to sell an old gadget

A simple look at online buy-and-sell sites will show you that there’s a nice market for second-hand gadgets that you can readily dive into. If you really don’t have any use for them, then just sell it and be on your way to possibly earning a few more bucks.

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Where to sell: Local sites like and let you post ads for your old gadgets free of charge. Chances are they will net prices much lower than their original SRPs. Still, that’s a lot better than having them collect dust and take up space in your cramped closet. Kumita ka pa!


old gadgets disposalYour friends after learning that you donated something

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Now if you don’t need the money and are feeling generous, then just make someone happy. We’re talking about donating your gadgets to those who need it. It could be your inaanaks or your lolo/lola who you want to become techie-r. If you’re up to it, you could even ask the public school nearest to you if they accept gadget donations. Just make sure your old devices are still in good working condition, ayt?

For those with old iPads: If you're willing to part with your old iPad, you could do it for a good cause. Donate it to deaf students under the care of the Baguio City Special Education Center. Click here for the deets!


old gadgets disposalLibreng mangarap!

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We’re not saying it’s guaranteed, but your old gadgets could mean big bucks in the future, especially if it has a nice claim to fame (e.g. being the first Nokia phone on Android).

To give you an idea, rare Nintendo Entertainment System games can command whopping prices today. Think $10,000 to $20,000 (around P440,000 to P880,000) or even beyond. Yowzah! You’ll have to play a long waiting game though (read: several years or even decades), but it’s not as if that’s going to cost you anything.

Pro tip: Store your gadgets in a weatherproof and dust-proof baul. If you still have the manuals, read it for tips on optimum storage conditions (e.g. the right temperature and humidity).

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