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What to Know About the Wii U

Wii who? Wii U!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 28, 2012
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Been a few weeks since E3 2012 gave us a glimpse into gaming’s future (Read: awesome new games on the horizon), but our fever has yet to subside. So this week, we’ll shift our focus from software to hardware, and try talking about what’s next in line for the Playstation and Xbox brands, the PS4 and the next Xbox (Xbox 720?).

There is just one itsy-bitsy problem though: E3 came and went without any clear news regarding those dream machines. All of it is just a bunch of rumors and speculations as of now. Leading gaming site, IGN, thinks it’s because Sony and Microsoft are just starting to enjoy the pay offs for their current hardware. See, when the two industry giants launched their systems past half a decade ago, they spent all their lifesavings (okay, maybe we exaggerate) making and marketing their flagship gaming/multimedia devices.

It took the PS3 and the Xbox 360 a while to become profitable, so now these companies are willing to play the waiting game to milk these systems dead-dry to their absolute last breath. It’s not entirely a bad thing, because look, we still have a whole gaggle of great games coming very soon.

And that’s about it. Oh wait. We nearly forgot about the Big N, didn’t we? Silly us, we even put their newest gaming console on the title.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is forging ahead, with their Wii U slated for release later this year. The Big N has never been afraid to carve its own path, leaving a trail of weird (but effective) controllers in its wake, amongst other things. With just a few months before “later this year” happens, it’s about high time we try to pick apart the Wii U, and see what it’s really up to.

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