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What To Love About The New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

Another proof that we should never underestimate size
by Tanya Umali | Nov 16, 2016
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Even though Apple still hasn't graced fans with touch technology on its MacBook's screen, the company has innovated the input process on its laptops through the creation of the Touch Bar.

Basically, the Touch Bar replaced the function keys on the new MacBook Pro. Will you miss the old keys? Definitely, but the new touch-enabled bar can do a few things which will make you forget that the function keys even existed. Who knows, other brands might soon follow the trend of Apple? 

Though it is quite small, this thin strip can do a lot of things to improve your MacBook user experience. There are a lot of cool tricks which you'll enjoy from this new feature introduced by Apple. 

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Here's a few of them:

1. You can customize it

Just drag and drop to the bottom of the screen the buttons you want to see on the Touch Bar. All you have to do is click View on the Finder and wait for the screen to become translucent. From there, you will see the different buttons which you can place on the Touch Bar.

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2. Unlock with Touch ID

This is one feature other MacBooks or laptops don't have. It is uniquely invented by Apple for the MacBook Pro 2016. Just scan your fingerprint on the right-most side of the Touch Bar so that you can open your MacBook without having to enter a code the next time you use it.  

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3. Quickly browse through photos

Instead of using the mouse pad to view your photos, you can just scroll through galleries with the Touch Bar. It shows a small thumbnail of the photo so that you'll know what image you're browsing through.


4. Answer phone calls

Once you receive a call from Face Time, Skype or Facebook, the Touch Bar will automatically light up. It will present you with options such as mute, answer, and video call as well as the name of the person calling you and the how long you've been talking to each other. 

5. Emoji bar

The most popular feature of the Touch Bar is obviously the emojis. The size of the Retina Display strip is perfect for displaying emojis which you can use to spice up your conversations. 

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6. All your tabs are displayed

If you're a multi-tasker, then you'll love how the Touch Bar displays all your opened tabs so you can easily shift from one page to another. 

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