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Chilling With White Rhino's Trifecta Made Us Realize 5 Important E-Cig Rules

Want to go vaping and drop regular yosi? Here are five rules every vaper should follow!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 18, 2014
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The guys over at White Rhino asked us to try one of their newest products: the Trifecta Vaporizer! Check it out in the video below:


The Trifecta is a personal vaporizer, a type of e-cig or electronic cigarette which converts oils and herbs to vapor for inhalation. It aims to take the place of the usual sticks of tobacco you can buy by the tingi at your suking tindahan. Coming in a portable and sleek pen-shaped package, it certainly piqued our interest. So, we gave it a whirl!

So how did our vaping session with the Trifecta go? Long story short, it certainly works as a darn good substitute to reds and lights! However, more than us being satisfied, it also made us realize five simple but very important rules when using e-cigs. Check 'em out below!


white rhino trifectaEach set comes with a cleaner brush to clean hard-to-reach areas.
On the right is the oil filling tool for applying e-juice minus the mess

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E-cigs like the Trifecta are meant to be reusable. This basically means one thing: There's cleaning involved! The tamad, sanay sa regular yosi might frown upon this idea, but if you want to be an avid vaper, there's really no escaping it. You don't want your pipe feeling and smelling like it took a dip inside a tub full of laway now, right?

Don't worry, cleaning is really easy. A few wipes with a clean piece of cloth moistened with a small amount of alcohol is all you need (focus on the mouthpiece). The Trifecta Vaporizer also has a couple of packaged alcohol swipes that can get the job done in a jiffy.


white rhino trifectaThis box doubles as a nice display case and is hard enough to become an effective pamalo

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True, e-cigs will come in contact with saliva and use oils for the fragrant vapor you'll suck in. This doesn't mean though that they are OK to get wet. Remember, it uses electricity to give you your nicotine fix. And you know what they say about electronic gadgets: They can't get wet. Well, most of them anyway.

So do your pipe a favor and keep it away from water and other liquids. Fortunately for Trifecta users, the device has a small durable box that not only organizes the parts neatly, but also serves as a protective shield against splashes.


white rhino trifectaOur oil of choice? Menthol!

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The e-juice is the heart of your vaping fix. Each drop is vaporized by the e-cig's atomizer producing the vapor you'll inhale. As such, it's important to use only e-juices that are approved or compatible with the e-cig you're using. Creating your own is a big no-no, and is kind of stupid. Not only are you using something that can potentially damage your e-cig, you're also going to inhale stuff that might be bad news for your lungs. So don't experiment, fellas! Mahirap na.

In the case of the Trifecta, White Rhino has a bunch of e-juices available in different flavors (32 to be exact). So yeah, hindi ka mauubusan.


white rhino trifectaDon't act like this dude... #Kahiya

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"You can smoke e-cigs anywhere!" your buds say. It's true; you can whip it out and steal a puff in places where normal yosi aren't allowed like, say, an air-conditioned store in a mall. However, this doesn't mean it's okay to do so anywhere you feel like making hithit. We actually used the Trifecta in a resto and, while hindi naman kami pinaalis, our action was greeted with judging looks from fellow customers and the staff. Yes, we felt like total douchebags.

So, to be safe, use e-cigars in designated smoking areas or when you're alone. That means not puffing in churches, hospitals, schools, restos, and even in your office (but if your boss is a fellow e-cig user, then maybe you'll have a free pass).


white rhino trifectaFor lazy readers, the manual is in an easy-to-read format

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We'll give it to you straight, bros: Using an e-cig isn't as easy as it seems for first-timers. The thing involves assembly, the careful application of e-juice, and has several small parts.

We actually had a bit of trouble getting the Trifecta to work on our first try. We don't blame the product (which is really easy to use after a couple of tries), rather we blame ourselves for skimming through the manual because we were too giddy to puff away.

So, huwag kaming tularan, read your e-cig manual carefully (and more than once) and follow the instructions to a tee. Also, heed the warnings (i.e. do not expose to open flames). You're dealing with an electronic device that's much expensive than a pack of cigarettes. It would be a real bummer if it goes kaput just because you weren't following the instructions.

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